Our 2020

From catering to delivery to wholesale,

we serve premium quality tea at an affordable price.

It all began with a premium and delicious milk tea recipe. Because of that, we decided to share our passion for delicious tea with the Bay Area.

We've catered weddings and company events, delivered drinks to slack boba groups from Berkeley to Santa Clara. Just when we were prepared for all the events in 2020, in comes COVID-19. With the shelter-in-place order, all of our events got cancelled.

Looking at all the teas we have in our kitchen and all the time we have on our hands, we started to improve all the recipes and implement the ideas we pondered on before COVID, but didn't quite have the time to introduce.

And here we are, with a brand-new tea concentrate so you can enjoy a cup of premium milk tea right at home.



DIY Boba Kit

A cup of homemade boba milk tea

that tastes as good as store-bought.

Let us help you satisfy your Milk Tea cravings NOW

with our Premium Tea Concentrate!

No need to wait for delivery or put on your jeans to pick up your drinks. As simple as pouring a cup of milk.

We also streamlined the process for you to cook perfect boba. 

Click here to see our recipes/instructions. 

So enjoy - in your pajamas, at home, safe and sound.

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

- Eleanor Roosevelt -


Delivery Dates 

We have scheduled weekly delivery all over the Bay. See below for yours! 

MON/THU: Pink Zone  

     North Regions

TUE/FRI: Yellow Zone 

     South Regions

​Regions are divide roughly by Highway 92 (San Mateo Bridge). Your delivery date will show in the confirmation email. 

Note: Our cut off time to order for your scheduled delivery date is 4pm the previous day. 

delivery map.png